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Client Albums





Weddings are by far my favourite thing to photograph. From emotions being right on the surface, to reuniting with family, to that magical feeling that you're just at the beginning of forever! 

I am very eager and excited on every clients wedding day. I will admit, I do get nervous - but I think that's pretty common to every vendor in the wedding industry! It's such an important day, and ensuring it goes according to plan, on time, and is stress free is always our common goal. 

To ensure your love for one another & your day is documented properly is something I strive for every client. So through our consultation, I'll always make sure to get every little detail that is important to you & your big day. That way, I'm fully prepared to capture all those well-thought out important details! 

My strong ability to predict and capture the most valuable moments is a super important skill to have. The importance of the candid moments between you & your partner, as well as the guests - capturing the raw emotion of the whole day with full energy is so important! Whether its the formal posed photos, or the candids, I make sure to try to be there for every moment that you two can relive over and over again, and for generations to come! 

Lifestyle Sessions


Lifestyle sessions are some of my favourite! I always look forward to every engagement session, maternity session, family session - all of them! No matter the milestone or the celebration, having that time with one another is so special. 
During my Lifestyle Sessions, I basically am your third wheel. I encourage and direct my couples in both the candid style photos and formal poses! It's so important to me that you interact with one another. Because, thats the reason you're having photos taken! ;)
I have so many fun prompts, activities & I always encourage bringing any props or tokens that represent you! 

Lifestyle Sessions are so important - for many reasons! But the best of all is you don't HAVE to be at a milestone in life to have a session. These sessions can simply be to document your love for one another & to have just a date night out together, with the result of forever photos. 

Lets get capturing your love for one another! 

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